Our History

Previously called Kristensen Oceanfront Restaurants, Kristensen Hospitality has evolved into an industry leader. The original Danish company came to the Cape in the late 90’s, and owned 9 large restaurants in the region. Some of these included prime locations such as Quay Four in the Cape Town waterfront, La Med, Black Marlin, Spier and Boschendal restaurants.

The current owner, Mike Lumb, bought into the company and helped to perfect running a restaurant group which was not a franchise, and which could run as a successful, non-hands on operation. At that time, the company had a staff of 600, a full head office, and a turnover of 120 million rand.

Kristensen Oceanfront Restaurants became Kristensen Hospitality when all the waterfront restaurants were sold to the Imperial-owned company, Tourvest.

Our Evolution

About 3 years ago, Mike Lumb bought out the previous owners, and now runs Kristensen Hospitality with the help of Cindy Cox, Dawn Smith, Neil Ford and Kerry May. Some of these key staff members have been with him for over 20 years, and as a team, they run a constantly evolving and growing business.

Today the company owns the very popular Simon’s and Peddlars restaurants in Constantia, and has successfully sold the other establishments in their previous portfolio. This has allowed Kristensen Hospitality to focus on what they do best – consulting with both existing and new restaurateurs with a goal of achieving maximum profitability.


With a firm belief that creating and selling an atmosphere is paramount to a restaurant’s long-term success, we have helped many establishments transform into highly lucrative venues. Although food and service are very important, we believe it is the vibe and feel of a restaurant that people will keep coming back for.

At the end of the day, when it comes to consultancy, we don’t believe in the traditional approach. It’s about a mind-set and everyone involved being on the same page when it comes to ideas, creating a fantastic atmosphere, and an overall profitable venue.

- Mike Lumb